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The parallel slide gate valves are an alternative option of double disc valves, having single wedge instead of double wedge. The horizontal spring keeps the discs in permanent contact with the seat rings, assuring tight seal.


There are very many advantages using parallel slide gate valves instead of a wedge gate valves, as it is shown below:


  • Parallel slide gate valves use system pressure and position to provide positive isolation.

  • The spring is fitted between disc to provide initial searing force, and do no maintain sealing force.

  • Once the disc is in position, in sot necessary any additional torque to achieve positive seal.

  • Parallel slide gate valves require smaller operative forces

  • The wiping action of the discs over seats meanwhile operating the valve removes debris and prevent premature wear of the components.

  • This debris protecting action avoid seat failures and leaking of valves and erosion.

  • Parallel slide gate valves provide a smooth flow path between seats.

  • Seal is stablished on outlet seat face only.

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